Healthcare and Statutory & Mandatory Training Courses

Our selection of healthcare and statutory & mandatory courses have been specifically developed to meet the needs of those working in any healthcare environment. We work with NHS trusts, CCGs, CSUs, general practitioners and private healthcare providers to ensure the continuing safety and wellbeing of their staff and patients in a wide range of healthcare situations.

Healthcare and Statutory & Mandatory Training Courses Online

From our experience of working with every NHS Trust in the country we have developed our wide range of high quality, accredited healthcare courses. This healthcare training has gone on to save lives and improve patient experience throughout the UK.

Proper training is always an essential where healthcare is concerned and we offer the courses that businesses and organisations need to create safe environments for staff and patients, and to meet the latest legal requirements and regulations.

Popular Healthcare and Statutory & Mandatory Training Courses we offer include our Clinical and Non-Clinical Packages, Safeguarding Children and Young People Level 3, Health, Safety & Welfare, Medication Awareness & Management, Safeguarding Children, Legionnaires' Awareness and many more.

All healthcare courses have been created by an award winning e-learning development team to ensure they deliver the learning objectives in an effective, time efficient way leading to high course compliance rates.

If you’re training a team with our training don’t forget to take advantage of our volume discounts, if you buy 10 or more of the same healthcare course you get 20% off, 30% off for orders of 50 or more and 40% off when you purchase over 100 courses.

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