First Aid for Schools and Teachers

Understanding basic first aid is so important, particularly in a school setting, to give you the confidence to step in if an accident occurs and potentially save a life. Accidents can happen in any place at any time, particularly when children are around and so having even a basic level of first aid knowledge can promote a safer environment for all. But where do you start?

DR ABC Checklist for Schools

When first on the scene at an accident what should you do? Whilst waiting for the arrival of a trained first aider or the emergency services, you can use the primary survey. Download our “how to administer first aid” poster which details all steps using the well-known “DR ABC”.​

DR ABC Checklist
Choking First Aid Image


Choking can happen at any time during the school day and so knowing how to assist and potentially save the life of child is incredibly valuable knowledge to have. Download our instructive guide for step by step instructions or our printable poster for quick reminders to help if a child is in urgent need.​


Despite being largely uncommon within a school setting, accidents can occur where by a child is need of CPR. This can be a daunting task to administer but one that could really be the difference between life or death.​

CPR First Aid Image
Bleeding First Aid Image

Bleeding First Aid for Teachers

Something many children will experience at one time or another at school is grazes and cuts which can lead to bleeding. For light cuts and grazes simple solutions such as plasters will do the trick, but for deeper more serious cuts our “Bleeding First Aid for Teachers” poster can help you determine to next course of action.​

Prepared to Save A Life

Our Prepared to Save a Life course takes less than an hour, just five short 10 minute sections and you might be able to save someone's life! ….a friend, work colleague, mother, father, brother, sister, child…might thank you one day.