Helping Ukraine Through The Crisis

How Can I Help Ukraine?

We have all been affected by the conflict happening in the Ukraine and the devastating impact it is having on the innocent families who live there. It is hard not to feel helpless in situations like this and feel the need to help where you can.

There are numerous ways in which you can offer your support, and a number of charities are working together to provide much needed aid. To help we have collated links to various websites that talk you through the ways in which you can donate, either financially, by giving essential supplies, or even your time volunteering.

We also know that during these times, events like this can have an impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing, so to try and offer help and support we’ve pulled together some of our resources that you can access below.


How can you safely donate?

During this tough time, there can be an overwhelming number of charities set up to help, but how can you check that your donations are safe and being used effectively? 

If you’re looking to donate to a lesser known charity check the charities name and registration number using the search the charity register tool on the government's website. Most Charities with an income of over £5000 or more must be registered. If in doubt, ask the charity for more information before handing over any financial information or contributions. 


Do you live locally to Ilkley?

There are many local businesses doing what they can to help and support, here are some local to us in Ilkley:

You can also check with your local church, community centres and even shops.

Take Care in What you Share #StandWithUkraine

In today's world it can be easy for misinformation to spread online. To help stop the spread, before you reshare anything online ask yourself does this look and sound right? Does this information come from a trustworthy source I recognise? You can also use the government's share checklist to help you decide.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources

During this difficult time it is easy to feel overwhelmed and worried about the future. With little control over what is happening in the Ukraine, it is normal to feel powerless and this then have an impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

We have always tried to provide courses and resources that can help, so have pulled together some of these below, which are free to access…

For further advice take a look at the dedicated government website page here.