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Operation Encompass is a charitable organisation who directly connects the police with schools to secure better outcomes for children who are subject to, or experience, police-attended incidents of domestic abuse.

The aim

Operation Encompass had a bold and inspiring vision: to reach every single police force and school within England and train all their safeguarding leads to deal with domestic abuse matters. They initially started out providing face-to-face training, which was proving successful, but with demanding full-time jobs, their time was limited.

To continue their reach, they knew they needed a solution that would not only be accessible, practical and portable but also still hold the necessary impact, and sensitivity, that the topic requires. They decided that online training was the way to go.

Puzzle pieces that don't fit together

The challenges

✔ Limited time and resource as they are a two-person charity

✔ Had to be cost-effective

✔ Had to reach a large audience, spread across the country, in a quick and efficient way

✔ Had to retain the quality of their face-to-face training

Puzzle pieces that fit together

How we helped

✔ Worked closely with them from beginning to the end of the project

✔ Developed a suitable design for the course

✔ Attended their face-to-face briefings to understand the material

✔ Translated their face-to-face materials into suitable online training resources

The solution

The final result included: 

✔ 3 mid-length e-learning modules

✔ A talking head video

✔ Kinetic text video

✔ Animation

✔ Downloadable content

The results

Operation Encompass Results
Operation Encompass Results
Operation Encompass Results
Operation Encompass Results

What they had to say

“Virtual College’s previous experience of creating online safeguarding training for the Home Office gave me and Elisabeth the confidence that they would understand the importance and impact that was needed for our Operation Encompass training” Quote from David Carney-Haworth, Co-founder, Operation Encompass
“Virtual College have come up with brilliant solutions to the issues we faced with online training.” Quote from Elisabeth Carney-Haworth, Co-founder, Operation Encompass
“Excellent course, explained everything clearly and to the point. The video at the end of the final module brought me to tears, but was a brilliant visual representation of the burden children carry as a result of domestic abuse and how support and kindness from school can help lighten their load.” Quote from an Operation Encompass Learner
“Excellent information and raising awareness - wish we'd had access to this before” Quote from an Operation Encompass Learner
“This course was informative and resourceful, with a certificate of completion at the end. The information was extremely useful for a safeguarding role.” Quote from an Operation Encompass Learner
“I found this course very helpful, and it gave me added confidence for when I am faced with these situations in the future.” Quote from an Operation Encompass Learner

Read the full story

Download the full Operation Encompass Case Study to hear more from their learners, and how we helped them meet and exceed their goals for transitioning to digital learning. If you have a similar challenge why not book a 15 minute consultation with one of our team to see how we can help?