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Last updated: 19.08.11

Tailored online learning can help with learning motivation, claims expert

Using highly tailored and relevant e-learning programs should overcome any concerns relating to motivation, an expert has claimed.

The project director of - a Centre of Excellence in the use of e-learning - has claimed that while motivation has occasionally been an issue with the technology, tailoring its content helps to overcome this.

"A common mistake is to make the e-learning too flashy," said David Patterson.

He added: "If the learning is highly relevant to the learners' needs, there is less need to make the learning hugely interactive."

Mr Patterson emphasised that, like any other course a student enrols upon, a professional level of commitment to it is key. Ensuring distracting Twitter programs and email systems are shut down, just like people would in a classroom, is a simple and effective rule.

Meanwhile, Stanford University's innovative adaptation of online training applied to a university degree course has attracted 58,000 potential learners, barely one month since the institution first announced it.