Last updated: 26.07.11

AQA launches adaptive GCSEs for e-learning generation

In response to technological innovations in the education sector, one of the leading examination boards in the UK has announced an expansion in its distance learning courses for GCSEs. 

The trials of the adaptive qualifications by AQA will be rolled out further following a smaller trial of a GCSE French pilot test sat by 11,000 students across the UK, the Guardian reports.

Following the announcement in June of AQA's individualised iGCSEs in English and Maths, the increasing relevance of examination tailored to the individual which utilising technology allows is gaining credence.

Commenting on the iGCSE, AQA chief executive Andrew Hall said: "It's about flexibility."

"Students relish the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities through questions that challenge them at an appropriate level," added Dr Chris Wheadon, head of scientific research and development at the exam board.

The introduction of adaptive e-learning is designed to reduce the level of re-sits and early-entry exams modular, paper-based exams entail.

This has become increasingly pressing since education secretary Michael Gove announced his intention of seeing such modular approaches eventually phased-out.