Last updated: 26.10.10

CCTV to improve food safety standards?

CCTV could soon be introduced in abattoirs across the UK, as recommended by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), in a bid to improve food hygiene training and other concerns.

In a recent report, Andrew Rhodes, director of operations with the FSA, noted that if food business operators consistently demonstrated that their staff were effectively trained and supervised then such a move would not be necessary, the Online Meat Trades Journal reports.

However, as it stands, "there is clear evidence" that some are not doing so and, as such, "CCTV is a useful additional tool in securing compliance", while providing "assurance for their management", he explained.

Mr Rhodes went on to note that should welfare breaches continue where cameras are not installed, the FSA could introduce extra personnel at the abattoirs in question.

This comes after Lord Young, the prime minister's adviser on health and safety law and practice, called for mandatory participation in the FSA's Food Hygiene Rating Scheme for local authorities.