Jane Milton

Jane Milton has over 30 years experience in the food industry, find out more about her work with Dragons' Den and how she became the UK's first Certified Tea Sommelier below.

About Jane Milton

Jane has over 30 years’ commercial experience in the food industry, which has provided her with a unique perspective and a global contact book. Recognised for her work in 2014 with an Honorary MBA from the University of West London for her Services to the Food industry, Jane works across UK, Europe and beyond promoting the UK food industry.

Her genuine enthusiasm for food and the industry is infectious and she is often asked to speak on careers in the industry or to entrepreneurs at the early stages of their business journey.

In 2017 Jane became the UK’s first Certified Tea Sommelier accredited by the Tea Association of Canada, following a 2 year online programme and a series of exams and practical exercise and tests. She is a passionate believer in life-long learning and wants to constantly embrace new ways of working and learn more on specific subjects.

Jane Milton

About Jane Milton Limited

Jane Milton Ltd is has been helping food businesses since 1996 to form their strategy, implement all elements of that from developing new products, to sourcing contract manufacture, to securing their IP, sharpening their brand, developing new packaging to reflect changing consumer expectations and demands, to market, sell and export their products.

She builds specific teams with all the skills and expertise needed for each company and project. Her reputation and results have won her an enviable client list including governments from several countries wanting to bring their products into the UK and maximise their returns, global brands, heritage brands and artisan food producers who are on a growth fast track . She works with high profile investors from BBC Dragons’ Den.

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Jane Milton's Areas of Expertise

Jane Milton Limited works on a series of projects covering a range of different topics and expertise, read more below to understand how Jane could help you.

Jane pinpoints market opportunities by driving NPD and manufacturing, she also runs and plans contract manufacture process.

By developing and implementing marketing strategues and detailed plans it gives your product the best chance of success, Jane also works with overseas companies, trade delegations and governments to identify new opportunities.

Jane Milton Limited can also help identify the best opportunities for your products, help with preparation and direct introductions to key contacts. Jane will also carry out research to gather trends and innovations tailored to your business or a specific project.

Jane can help solve any food industry related problems by forming the perfect team, develop strategy and structure for food and drink awards.

Jane specialises in recipe development, writing, photography and food styling.