About Youri Vlag

Youri owns and runs Limini Coffee who are a coffee wholesaler acting as a one stop shop for the coffee trade. They run daily training courses on 'How to start a coffee shop' and are now proud owners of their own roastery.

About Youri

As owner of Limini Coffee, a thriving coffee roaster and wholesale coffee supplier based in West Yorkshire, Youri has over 15 years’ experience in the coffee world, making him our expert in all things coffee related.

Following an exciting career as a deep-sea diving instructor, Youri’s first step into the coffee industry was as a Barista in a successful independent coffee shop. This is where Youri’s love for the coffee industry began. Through passion and dedication he soon moved into the management of coffee shops. From there he worked as a Barista trainer, teaching the masses the art of coffee making. These experiences gave Youri greater understanding in the integral parts of running a successful coffee shop. From building the team, to the financials, to the need for beautiful tasting coffee. Not only this, but the requirement for support and training in how to get the very best out of your coffee.

It was this passion that led Youri, along with his wife Samantha, to start their own business - Limini Coffee - whose aim was to provide the support, training and supplies needed to run a coffee shop. From there, Youri went on to develop his own Espresso blends that are now served and enjoyed by hundreds of coffee shops across the UK. Youri, alongside his dedicated team at Limini Coffee, continues to train others in barista skills, supply reliable espresso equipment and aims to provide delicious freshly roasted speciality coffees all year round.


About Limini Coffee

Limini Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster and wholesale coffee supplier located in West Yorkshire and is run by a team of passionate people who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service alongside providing outstanding coffee supplies. Limini also provides a range of practical face-to-face training courses in Barista skills, Latte Art and a popular ‘How to Start a Coffee Shop’ course. In addition to this, Limini Coffee supplies reliable commercial espresso machines and barista equipment.

“Robbyn”, Limini Coffee’s state of the art roaster machine, is at the centre of the business, allowing for consistent roasting every day, producing smooth, sweet and delicious coffee. Each batch is hand weighed and packed as well as roasted to a specific profile, ensuring absolute consistency across every coffee.


About Their Services

Coffee Range

Limini Coffee is dedicated to the supply of freshly roasted Arabica coffees. At the heart of Limini Coffee's supplies are the three main Espresso blends: Limini Blend, Liscio and Kata. Each one has its own unique flavour profile and they are designed to work beautifully as espresso as well as to be smooth and rich with milk. 

Limini Coffee also produces a range of Single Origin coffees that are roasted to celebrate the distinctive flavours of the many coffee growing regions of the world, in addition to a delicious decaf coffee.

As a further service, Limini Coffee is able to brand each of their coffees with a customer's own custom label, allowing for coffee shops to celebrate their own blend of coffee as well as supply a range of beautiful teas and hot chocolates.


Training Courses

Limini Coffee has a purpose built training centre at their coffee roastery alongside a plethora of espresso machines and barista equipment.

Barista face-to-face training

This training centre, along with their dedicated Barista trainers, facilitates the delivery of the very best Barista training courses. These courses are designed to aid coffee shops, baristas and home enthusiasts alike, get the best out of their coffees and espresso equipment.

They also offer an advanced Barista course on demand.


How to Start a Coffee Shop Course

Many people will start a coffee shop without really knowing how to do it and having the background that is needed to get off to a good start. Much is left to chance and hoping it will all work out. We have started this course because we know how to run successful coffee shops and we have in depth knowledge from all our customers all over the UK.

The ‘How to Start a Coffee Shop Course’, which is taught daily, is a bespoke course that guides the attendees through the process of planning, starting and running a successful coffee business, with those all-important barista skills included.


Latte Art Course

Latte art is art by a barista. It is one of the most interesting things in coffee! 'Latte' means 'milk' in Italian, so it is the art of milk. Latte art can be done on any coffee that has milk in it, not just on lattes. Latte art can be done on cappuccinos, hot chocolates, macchiatos and mochas as well.

This course is very popular because learning how to steam milk perfectly is extremely important to baristas. Most coffees served are milk based.

Adding perfectly textured milk that is always consistently done by the barista results in very happy customers. Joining a latte art course will help you to understand milk steaming better and you will become a better barista.


Coffee making equipment

Deciding on equipment and especially a commercial coffee machine can be a rather difficult decision and we totally understand this. It doesn't have to be though. You just need to make sure that you are speaking to the right people who understand your needs. We have been working with the highly respected La Spaziale espresso machines for many years and are the main UK distributor. If you need a high quality espresso machine at a great price then a La Spaziale will take care of this!

Limini Coffee recommends and supplies the highly respected La Spaziale espresso machine range alongside consistent on-demand grinders. Through initial enquiry, to install and then into serving the very best coffee, Limini Coffee’s team are there to advise, support and train their customers.


Rosetta Coffee Design

Ever wondered how baristas get the swirly patterns on the top of your coffee?

Wonder no more with this short video from Limini Coffee.