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Last updated: 27.04.11

Food hygiene professionals call for reduced food waste

A reduction in food waste is needed in order to cut back on the amount of fruit and veg that is simply discarded by supermarkets, it has been argued.

Sam Jarvis, head of communications at Waste Watch, said the overly stringent guidelines surrounding the size and shape of fruit and vegetables means that a lot of perfectly nutritious and unspoiled food is simply left to rot by farms that cannot sell their produce to the big retailers.

He commented: "We want to see an end to wasteful 'buy one get one free' (BOGOF) offers and more fruit and veg being sold loose rather than in large multi-packs, which leads to food wastage.

According to the Local Government Association, households spent £520 each on wasted food products over the last 12 months (April 9th 2011).

Furthermore, when the purchasing price of uneaten food is combined with the cost to the taxpayer of sending it to landfill this reaches £13.7 billion.