Last updated: 05.07.17

How to ensure your workforce is on brand message at all times

The best companies and organisations always ensure that their brand message is delivered in all areas of business, from graduate employees to board level executives.

When it comes to business, getting your brand right isn’t easy and when you do, making sure your workforce embraces it can also be difficult. It doesn’t matter if your company is large, small, B2B or B2C, an effective brand that is reflected in all areas of business is crucial to success and will give you a competitive advantage.

A good brand shows that a business and its employees are confident in their services or products, reflecting the company’s mission and the qualities associated with it. But it’s no good for senior members of a business to be passionate advocates of a brand if this doesn’t filter down to managers, new starters and those who work out of the office.

For example, a retail company that has a strong brand in its headquarters must ensure this is reflected on the shop floor, with customer assistant and shop managers. So how can businesses and organisations make sure their workforce is on brand at all the times? Here we take a look.

Engage your workforce

Employees that are engaged in their role are more productive, create better customer experiences, and are more likely to stay loyal to their employers, according to the Performance Improvement Council. Because of this, businesses feel the benefits because it means they have a more stable and motivated workforce that can focus more time on strengthening their brand.

In addition to this, a Gallup study revealed businesses with high employee engagement levels have 3.9 times the earnings per share when compared with those in the same industry with lower engagement levels.

Provide training

E-learning companies like Virtual College work collaboratively with customers and partners to design bespoke content and training that has a real, measurable impact in their businesses.

Offering your employees company-wide brand training is a great way to ensure your managers know how to develop brand objectives with their staff. It is crucial that managers completely understand your brand and express it as clearly, consistently and constantly as possible.

Share results

Workers that see the benefits and real results of being on-brand are much more likely to engage with the business. Make sure that they know that the success of the company is closely associated with their specific efforts in supporting the brand.

Managers can encourage workers to get results and spread positive brand actions by rewarding them with, for example, Brand Ambassador Awards. This gives special recognition to workers who live their company ethos while encouraging others to take part.

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