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Last updated: 11.10.17

How Virtual College's Enable Audit makes your audits quick and simple

The 2018 GDPR audit will most likely be the single largest and most important task that your business will consider now and next year – it is of utmost importance that you prove you are compliant. This can easily be achieved if you partner with a compliance expert and LMS expert, purchase the right audit tool and liaise with the right businesses areas to ensure that you meet the criteria. With Virtual College, you get all of these aspects contained in one product.

The three main objectives of an audit are:

  • to demonstrate your current level of compliance for your organisation
  • to identify weak areas where immediate action needs to be taken to make business improvements
  • to provide evidence and details of all data processing to the Information Commissioner and any other regulatory boards you are governed by

All evidence of the above must be presented in a concise, summarised format and be on time. This may seem like a daunting task at first, but Virtual College are industry experts – established in 1995 – who can help simplify the whole process for you.

Feature rich but user friendly

Enable Audit, the online auditing system developed by Virtual College, has been specifically designed to simplify the process of any audit, at any time. Enable Audit was developed in collaboration with professionals who regularly complete audits themselves, therefore the finished system is feature rich but user-friendly. It offers complete flexibility, limitless access to your data and analytics, whilst ultimately being fast and reliable.

Everything in one place

Enable Audit allows you to gather all of your information in one central system. Documents, photos and reports (in various file formats) can all be uploaded for anybody you wish to access them. Each individual action is recorded - and is time stamped - creating a completely precise and accurate audit trail. You can add your own questions, place them into individual categories and even develop your own grading systems. Multiple users are able to log on and submit information at any time, and are able to generate detailed and comparative reports with the click of a button - and then easily analyse progress, plus areas for improvement.

Access audits anytime, anywhere

The web-based browser interface allows you to log on from any computer, tablet or mobile at any time. Multiple users can view the same audit from any location, making sharing quick and easy – whether via an LMS or on a secure company shared area.

Instant analysis and reporting

Enable Audit contains a selection of ready-made templates for instant auditing, based on the most popular audits for each sector that Virtual College have created for our customers. You can also create your own unique audits using a simple visual editor. Instant visual snapshots allow you to analyse an audit in seconds. Reporting tools allow you to segment data and export reports in a variety of formats, including Excel, Word, PDFs as well as graphs and charts.

Aiding continuous improvement

Enable Audit is always live and is constantly being updated. Users can see snapshots of their progress and the actions or tasks that are yet to be completed. Action plans can be shared in seconds with individuals, organisations or partner agencies. Comparative reports can be produced to view progress of the whole, alternatively areas can be segmented parts of your audit.

Virtual College can assist you with any type of audit and have you ready for any inspection. Should you have any questions or concerns about your organisations' level of data protection compliance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Register now for our free GDPR overview by clicking here.

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