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Last updated: 01.08.13

In-house training 'benefits both staff and employers'

Why train staff in-house instead of outsourcing employees' learning to an external training provider? There are many reasons; most importantly, you know your staff better than anyone else, so you'll be best-placed to understand their training needs and learning pace.

Back in 2013, we reported on the fact that more and more workers were expecting to receive in-house training from their employers, and this has only gained even more traction since, particularly in light of advances in technology making e-learning more accessible than ever.

Benefits of in-house training for staff

An obvious benefit of in-house training is that it gives employees the opportunity to expand their skillsets, improving their chances of career progression. External, classroom-based training would also provide this benefit, but the advantage of delivering learning in-house is that you can oversee the training, adjusting it to suit the learning speed of individual members of staff.

The Virtual College Learning Management System, known as Enable, automatically tracks learners' progress as they go, and allows them to proceed as quickly or slowly as they like through each module. Self-paced learning of this kind means the information is more likely to be absorbed over time, and will show employees that you respect their individual learning needs.

Of course, it's always nice to receive a certificate too, and the majority of our courses allow learners to print a Virtual College certificate at the end, providing them with a physical reminder of their achievement.

Benefits of in-house training for employers

Aside from making a workforce feel more engaged and better supported, which is only likely to have a positive effect on their overall morale and productivity, what other benefits does in-house training have for employers?

Cost is a big one. Sending employees to external training courses can incur hefty travel expenses on top of course fees, making in-house e-learning much more cost-effective. A familiar environment can also be an advantage for learners, making them feel more relaxed as they study.

What's more, offering in-house training can help employers to meet their legal obligations. The law states that there are certain qualifications some workers must have to operate safely in their industry, and many of our Virtual College e-learning courses have been designed with this in mind.

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