Last updated: 11.02.11

Online learning for adults 'is now twice as popular'

The services of a college specialising in e-learning courses seem to have doubled in popularity.

In the last six months, Distance Learning College & Training has experienced twice as many adults enrolling on courses in purchasing, logistics, manufacturing and management.

The institution, based in the north-east of England, has also seen the number of students completing follow-up courses rise by 20 per cent.

Stanley Wise, general manager of the education centre, claimed people sign up to their industry-recognised courses for numerous reasons, including to further their skills and to find a path back into the world of employment.

"We also support a number of students who have recently left the armed forces and are looking to gain qualifications to support their careers outside of the Ministry of Defence," he said.

Earlier this month, higher education status was granted to the University of the Highlands and Islands, an organisation that links together 13 campuses covering remote areas of Scotland using learning technology.