Last updated: 29.04.11

Regular breaks from e-learning and work 'are beneficial'

People studying on e-learning courses or working in an office environment should be encouraged to take regular breaks in order to avoid burnt out, it has been advised.

Terri Bodell, known as the stress doctor, said people are not designed to work flat out for eight to nine hours per day, day-in-day-out and this can be a considerable factor in why people make mistakes or simply do not pay sufficient attention to what they are doing.

She commented: "The consequence of this is stress, burnout and eventually sickness and staff absence - all of which are costly to companies."

Ms Bodell added that people should take at least a half hour lunch break every day and also take a number of smaller breaks in order to give themselves a mental rest.

According to research by, 37 per cent of Britons say they are stressed by 'workplace problems'.

Furthermore, young adults under the age of 25 are the 'most stressed' age group, with young women being more likely to suffer from stress than young men.