Last updated: 27.08.14

Schools told to improve diabetes care

Schools have been urged to do more to improve diabetes care at an event held in London.

Southport student Katie Lofts, 12, who has type 1 diabetes, met her local MP John Pugh at a summit held by Diabetes UK, reports the Southport Visiter.

All schools in England are now legally required to provide support for children with medical conditions including type 1 diabetes and Diabetes UK is spearheading a campaign to raise awareness of this change to the law.

Katie travelled to London with her mother Jackie, who stated that it is difficult to feel confident that schools are looking after children with diabetes as well as they should.

She added: "I urge schools in Southport to fully implement the new rules as it can make a huge difference to a child's life."

Ms Lofts is calling on Mr Pugh to write to local schools to remind them of the new rules so that no child with type 1 diabetes misses out.

Schools may wish to take advantage of e-learning classes to improve their staff's expertise in this area, with options including the Safe Use of Insulin course provided by Virtual College. The class takes between one and two hours and there are no entry requirements for the course.

As insulin is used by millions of people with diabetes both in the hospital and community setting, it is vital school staff are confident enough to administer it properly to children with diabetes.

Jo Cunnah, Diabetes UK regional media officer for the north-west, added that some children from the region have not got the support they need from their schools.

She said this has "meant that they are effectively excluded from their education and prevented from meeting their full academic potential".

Ms Cunnah added: "It is really good news that there is now a new law, which will help to ensure that all children get the support they need at school. Diabetes UK is working with families and to help provide children with type 1 diabetes the best support possible."