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Last updated: 20.06.11

Students 'should think carefully about university courses'

Young people taking online learning courses to better their future career prospects could be interested in comments from a higher education expert.

Steve Burford, founder of Wealthystudent.co.uk, has urged young adults to think carefully about the course they wish to study at university due to potential cost.

His comments come after research from education foundation Edge revealed 51 per cent of parents could no longer afford to fund their children's time at university.

In addition, the study revealed that 31 per cent of guardians felt the majority of university courses were not worth the investment.

Mr Burford suggested that as a result of the economic climate, students can no longer attend costly institutions without a clear plan for their future career.

He added: "No more are students going to be going to university for the sake of drinking themselves into a stupor for two-and-a-half years."

Findings from the Edge research revealed that 48 per cent of parents believe hands on vocational training may be more beneficial to their child's prospects.