Last updated: 22.09.17

Virtual College and ‘The 60 Second Chef’ launch bite-sized, certificated courses for busy cooks

Leading online learning provider, Virtual College, one of the major providers of food hygiene training in the UK, is joining forces with ‘The 60 Second Chef’ to launch bite-sized, certificated courses for busy cooks.

Patrick Drake, ‘The 60 Second Chef’, is a presenter on Discovery, National Geographic and Fox, and the head chef of the world’s largest recipe box service, HelloFresh. His mission is to make cooking and great food accessible to everyone. Patrick came across Virtual College when he completed his first online certificated food hygiene course.

Using their combined complementary skills and expertise, Virtual College and Patrick are launching a series of bite-sized certificated online courses which will be ideal for busy individuals who want to acquire the confidence and knowledge to cook healthy, tasty food which fits in with a busy lifestyle.

Patrick enthused: “Cooking courses are teaching the wrong people. They’re teaching people who have the time and the money.

“These certificated online courses are for people who want to eat delicious food that helps them get the most out of life, but who don't have the time to learn how by traditional means.”

The first three courses, which are now available for purchase as a package at a discounted price of £29.99, are:

  • Get Started: From which equipment to buy, how to hold and sharpen a knife and the basic chopping techniques.
  • Get Cooking: From perfectly poached eggs (and all sorts of healthy breakfast tips) to cooking meat, fish and vegetables, learn everything you need to be a kitchen pro.
  • Get Nutritious: Learn everything about good fats, bad fats, carbs and the core basics of nutrition.

From the basics of nutrition, delivered in everyday language, to cooking techniques and finally full recipes, every tutorial is packed with all the tips and techniques needed to get confident in the kitchen quickly.

Each bite-sized course can be accessed online and includes a 60 second video plus an online challenge. Those who complete the course successfully will get a certificate as a ‘badge of honour’. Completion of all four courses will unlock regular free updates of 60 second video cooking recipes.

“Online learning fits ideally with the lifestyle choices compatible with these cooking resources – they are for people who want access to advice and information at their fingertips,” concluded Patrick.

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