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Last updated: 01.05.18

When does an online course become a bespoke e-learning solution?

During the process of content creation there are a variety of ways in which learning can be transformed to take it from an off-the-shelf offering to a truly bespoke course. Here we provide an overview of the key features which can transform a piece of content into a fully functioning bespoke learning experience.

Implementing organisation branding

One of the most common ways in which we are asked to create a bespoke course is to tailor the content to an organisation’s branding. This encompasses not only adding your logo and brand colours to the look and feel, but also incorporating your tone of voice, ethos and brand message. Your training should represent your organisation and your voice.

This also means that instead of an industry specific message, you have control over the content and can adapt the message wherever you see fit to tailor it to you, your learners and your needs.

A more defined e-learning solution for your learners

By creating bespoke content, it allows our team to truly define the target audience in a more specific way than often can be achieved in industry-wide or generic content, which is designed to reach a wide learner base. In the initial stages of creating bespoke content, the target audience is analysed to look at how all aspects of the learning should be created to best suit their needs, from choosing the most appropriate methodology to approach the content, the media types chosen for resources, the tone of voice used and the visual styling chosen.

All of these elements are considered holistically to ensure a complete and thorough package tailored for your audience. If your audience contains a mixture of levels and abilities, we can also consider how the content can be branched to ensure that learners are only completing the learning they specifically need for their job role or level.

A wide range of learning and training resources

In addition to creating SCORM content, there are a number of other media and technologies that can be implemented when a bespoke option is pursued. The additional time and skill available in the development process can be used to implement animations, games-based learning or gamification, workbooks, infographics, videos, scenarios and worksheets.

By providing variety for your learners it helps to increase motivation, provides for learners with a range of needs and preferences and will require development in a variety of skills. It also results in an increase in the level of interaction and challenge offered and can encourage the learner to think more independently and take charge of their learning.

Accessibility at the heart of our learning solutions

Accessibility is not just becoming a hot topic; it is also a legal requirement. Accessibility needs to be considered in all online materials to ensure that learners are all benefitting from the same experience, regardless of any difficulties they may face. All of our courses come with the required levels of accessibility standards implemented, and in choosing a bespoke offering you can tailor your needs even further to include additional features or to focus on specific special-needs groups.

Multi-lingual training solutions

Are your learners from a wide range of cultures or based internationally? If so, in bespoke training we can even provide your content translated into different languages. With a wealth of experience in this field we have the knowledge and skills to understand the implications of translation and localisation on your content and the best practice for incorporating this into the design and build.

Finally, collaboration

Through the bespoke creation process we follow a collaborative, iterative system which ensures that you get the product which is right for you and your learners. With opportunities to scope and kick off the project directly with us, plus scheduled catch-ups, reviews, amends and feedback throughout the process you will always know the progress of your content and be able to give your valuable input.

In summary, creating bespoke content leads to many benefits and added value to both the organisation and the learners, such as:

  • Alignment with required qualifications and frameworks.
  • CPD accreditation.
  • A fully trained workforce in required compliances.
  • Content creation which feels personalised to the learner.
  • Experimenting with new ways of working and taking the content away from ‘text on glass’ or textbook format.
  • Increasing levels of interaction, motivation and enjoyment.
  • Increased return on investment.
  • Tailoring the content to the learners’ needs and skill levels.
  • Fully reflecting your organisation’s values, ethos and tone of voice.