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Bespoke e-learning

Bespoke e-learning can have a hugely positive impact at all levels of your organisation. By developing bespoke learning solutions you can ensure the training is delivered to your specific training objectives and learning outcomes.

Why create custom content?

Tailoring an e-learning solution to meet your specific needs ensures your learners are getting the most relevant and up-to-date training delivered in a format and to a structure that makes sense for your organisation.

Our content development teams work collaboratively with our customers to design online training that has real, measurable impact. We draw on the talents of instructional and graphic designers, project managers, subject matter experts and educators to create online training in sectors as diverse as business, health and social care and local government.

  • Designed to meet your unique training objectives and requirements
  • Built to support or replace an existing face-to -face training solution
  • Created to align with your specific policies, processes, branding and tone
  • Developed to maximise your own rich media requirements

How we work with you

With decades of experience in developing online training content, we understand the importance of collaborative working and clear processes. Our content development method follows a series of simple steps to make sure the final product is the perfect fit for your organisation’s needs.

Bulb image


Cogs inside a head

Instructional design


Graphic design and build

Console image

Testing, release and deployment

Our different levels of online training

Level 1: Basic - Teaching learners to explain or understand
Level 1 content screen
Level 2: Active - Teaching learners to explain, identify and reflect
Level 2 content screen
Level 3: Interactive - Teaching learners to apply complex learning to their work
Level 3 content screen

A look behind the scenes: Carbon Literacy Knowledge

Ensuring consistent high quality

Our agile development process has been designed to maximise our team’s creativity and energy. Using Storyline and other rapid authoring tools, the teams develop online training content quickly and effectively, building in additional elements wherever necessary to support learners from all backgrounds.

Before any online training is released for use in your organisation, we rigorously test it to ensure every element looks, feels, sounds and reads in a way that’s meaningful to your learners.

Our quality assurance processes are essential in the development of appropriate, engaging online training, and we’ll use your feedback – alongside user and alpha and beta testing – to improve each part of the content.


of learners from our Female Genital Mutilation course would recommend it to others.


of learners from our Safe Use of Insulin course felt more confident in handling insulin incidents.


of learners rated their knowledge 8/10 after completing our CSE awareness course.

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