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Careers Guidance

With an increasing number of career options available, teachers can come under huge pressure when advising students on their future paths. Online careers guidance can reduce this pressure, providing students with the most comprehensive careers information.

Helping students choose the right career path

Short online courses, such as Career VOOC®s, can introduce students to jobs in different vocational sectors, providing fun facts and information, video case studies and day in the life diary entries.

Offering interactive routes to explore career paths gives students a rounded idea of what each job entails, from hours and day-to-day tasks to average salaries.

Fun challenges throughout the courses test knowledge retention so teachers can be sure the information has made a lasting impression.

Key benefits of Online Careers Guidance

  • Guidance resources are free
  • Students can learn independently, freeing up teachers’ time
  • Helps schools to meet OFSTED guidelines
  • Impartial content with expert advice

Watch our short video to see how Career VOOCs work

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