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Apprenticeship Provider Toolkit

We are an approved training provider with a customer base of over three million registered online learners and a vast amount of experience delivering apprenticeships. We work with some of the largest apprenticeship training providers creating blended programs and we’re now ready to help you.

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Online apprenticeship modules

Struggling to achieve your 20% off the job targets? E-learning can help. We’ve created modules that your learners can access at any time, place or pace.

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Learner tracking and evaluation

If you need help tracking your learners and evaluating their feedback then our Enable Learning Management System (LMS) is just for you.


Self-audit tool

We’re creating a range of audit templates that cover the key topics that you’ll be audited on as an apprenticeship training provider including: Prevent, Preparing for an Ofsted, ESFA and finance audits.

What the toolkit offers

Whether you are an experienced training provider or a newly approved training provider, we can assist you with all of the following services. Watch the video to find out more.

  • E-learning content mapped to the apprenticeship standards
  • Bespoke content development mapped to the standards of your choice
  • Stretch resources that are ideal for meeting off-the-job training targets
  • Learning management software to track and evaluate your learners
  • Auditing software with templates for apprenticeship training providers
  • General advice and guidance
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Training provider experienced at delivering apprenticeships?

  • Have you mapped your existing content to the new standards?
  • Do you need a more efficient delivery method for your apprenticeships?
  • Do your assessors have the right skills to become tutors?
  • Are you trying to start delivery despite unclear guidance?
  • Are you struggling to balance quality against costs?

Training provider new to delivering apprenticeships?

  • Are you unclear how to navigate through government reforms and advice?
  • Do you not yet fully understand the impact of Ofsted, audits, etc.?
  • Do you lack experience in delivering apprenticeships and want guidance?
  • Are you considering bespoke content to increase efficiencies?
  • Are you considering bespoke content to improve learner engagement?
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Employer new to delivering apprenticeships?

  • Do you need help integrating apprenticeships into your core business?
  • Do you need help planning how to manage an Ofsted inspection?
  • How do you plan on monitoring the 20% off-the-job training?
  • Do you need extra training resources to deliver your apprenticeships?
  • Are you considering bespoke content to improve learner engagement?

Our experience, your challenge

We consider working with our customers as a partnership. One that is focused on delivering results for both your organisation and your learners.

That’s why we’ve won gold awards for both 'Learning Technologies Supplier of the Year 2016-17' and 'E-learning Development Company of the Year 2015-16'.

Our Apprenticeship Provider Toolkit is designed to help you meet the challenges you face – challenges that we understand being a training provider ourselves and an e-learning pioneer for over 20 years. Download our brochure for more information.

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Apprenticeship Provider Toolkit

Over one million learners use Enable, Virtual College’s learning management system which sits at the core of our apprenticeship delivery solutions.

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