Our approach

For us, learning is about building a relationship, and getting to know your business but most importantly your people. This means we can see things from their point of view and understand the problems you want to solve through effective learning solutions that what will drive and inspire your employees.

We approach each bespoke solution as a new challenge, drawing on our boundless creativity and inventiveness as well as our decades of experience. We break down our approach in to a series of simple steps.
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Virtual College put a strong and highly professional team on this work, and they displayed a real passion and commitment to the work, beyond meeting projects’ deliverables and milestones. They had excellent project management skills and a high level of technical expertise.
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Mark Heholt, Project Manager, The Tech Partnership

Our approach

Step 1: Scoping

We begin the process by holding a number of sessions with you to fully understand your organisation, from the issues that you want to solve to the objectives you want to achieve. We’ll also begin collaborating on ideas for the look and feel of your training content, as well as the interactivity and the type of assessment.

Step 2: Instructional design

Now we start mapping out the visual, text, and audio elements, as well as the interactions and branching, of the learning narrative, working with you to ensure everything needed is included in each course. We always craft our learning experiences to ensure the maximum knowledge uptake and retention, as well as creating an engaging and compelling experience for your staff.
Instructional design

Step 3: Graphic design and build

We’re all about creating the most engaging and enjoyable experience for learners, ensuring knowledge uptake with visually stimulating courses. It’s also about creating a story that gives learners an understandable narrative from start to finish, brought to life with our storyline technology.
Graphic design and build

Step 4: Testing, release and deployment

Once we’ve created your training courses, we thoroughly test and check every inch to make sure all elements are working as intended. We also test on different devices and browsers, as well as on your chosen LMS. The final stage is also when we record any narration and add audio files before we work with you to deploy the training within your organisation.
Testing, release and deployment