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Lean Healthcare Academy

The Lean Healthcare Academy is a partnership between Virtual College and wdid that combines face-to-face training with high quality e-learning to help healthcare organisations develop lean processes and improve their service delivery skills.

Why choose lean training?

Today’s difficult economic times have led many healthcare organisations to take a closer look at their processes in order to reduce inefficiencies and make budgets go further.

Lean training gives healthcare organisations and their staff a framework to take on this challenge, improve the way that they work and ease some of the pressure that comes with delivering a high quality, patient-centred service.

The lean training available includes:

  • Executive lean short courses
  • Five day lean master class
  • Introductions to service improvement
  • Improvement project coaching
  • E-Learning courses in improvement methods
  • Support of the NHS Productives programmes
  • Structured courses including practitioner, facilitator and programme manager levels.
  • Lean Healthcare Overview

    How the Lean Healthcare Academy helps

    The Lean Healthcare Academy uses blended learning (a combination of face-to-face training and coaching supported by high quality e-learning courses) to help healthcare organisations become their own experts. This means that healthcare organisations can deliver their own improvements, without those improvements having to be done to them.

    All of the Lean Healthcare Academy training programmes are bespoke and tailored to the healthcare organisation’s specific audience, needs and aims. Typically these training programmes feature some, or all, of the following elements:

    • Expert reframing and scoping
    • Briefing of the staff involved
    • Expert master classes in improvement techniques
    • E-learning support
    • Project scoping support
    • Project coaching
    • Project and delegate accreditation
    Lean Healthcare Academy

    About wdid and Virtual College

    wdid have over 30 years of collective experience in helping organisations deliver world class lean and service improvement skills. They provide independent improvement expertise including: improvement consulting, bespoke training, lecturing, strategic guidance, group facilitation, creating bespoke resources and designing and running improvement workshops.

    Virtual College is one of the UK’s leading providers of online training, with vast experience of creating effective e-learning for healthcare providers. We’ve worked with every NHS trust in the country since 2006, developing training which has gone on to save lives and improve the patient experience throughout the UK.

    Visit the wdid website to enquire

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