Learning Technology

From time to time, you may come across terminology you are unfamiliar with. If you are stuck, please check out our frequently asked questions below.

What is m-learning?

M-learning is all about learning on the accessible, portable platform that is a mobile phone, making it ideal for people with busy schedules who want to complete e-learning courses on the go. We have listed FAQs below.

  • Can I create my own m-learning materials?

    Yes - you could film a presentation to watch back on your mobile, for example. There are several tools you can buy to create more complex m-learning resources too, or you can work closely with a specialist team, like we have here at Virtual College.

    For a more detailed introduction to mobile learning and additional information on mobile apps, on-the-go training or converting your existing materials into bite-size refresher modules, contact us today on 01943 605976, or email hello@virtual-college.co.uk.

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  • M-learning vs. e-learning?

    Is m-learning the future of e-learning? With smartphones now playing such a big role in our lives, there is no doubt that m-learning will become a major contributing factor to education and training. But it's how it can work together with existing technology, like Enable - our Learning Management System - that makes m-learning such an important tool.

    The advantages of m-learning are plentiful, but it won't always be an appropriate alternative to e-learning, as there is some digital training that needs to be undertaken in a specific location for testing purposes. Still, m-learning and e-learning can work alongside each other nicely, providing more learning options than ever.

  • What is m-learning?

    M-learning is e-learning, but on a smartphone. More businesses are now growing outside of the traditional office environment and remote working is more popular than ever, so it makes sense that training should be easily accessible on the go.

    Mobile learning can take a number of formats, from a short video to watch on the move or an interactive app incorporating e-learning quizzes and assessments.

  • Who does m-learning appeal to?

    Members of the younger generation are growing up using mobile devices to access the web and complete tasks as part of their school and college work, and apprenticeships can now be delivered using e-learning instead of the student having to be physically present in a college.

    For others, busy schedules can stop people from finding the time to dedicate to a training programme, but using a mobile device means people can learn anywhere they have their phone available, so they're not restricted to a fixed computer.