Learning Technology

From time to time, you may come across terminology you are unfamiliar with. If you are stuck, please check out our frequently asked questions below.

What is rapid e-learning?

If you can film a presentation, you can watch it back on your mobile. If you want to make more complex training, there are several tools available to buy, or you can work with a dedicated specialist team, like we have at Virtual College. We answer the FAQs below.

  • Does it mean faster learning?

    More recently, some companies have started using the term to refer to the speed at which a course can be completed, and this is sometimes referred to as ‘Bite Size' learning. Good examples of these bite size courses are those which can be broken into ten minute sections for learning on the go, such as video training.

    If you're on a tight budget, Rapid e-learning can be as simple as capturing a Power Point presentation and adapting it into a SCORM framework to use with an LMS. However, this form of e-learning is rarely effective as presentations are designed for that reason – to be presented! e-learning should be engaging for the user to make sure they absorb the information.

  • How do I start creating courses?

    There are a number of tools on the market that exist to capture screens and enhance PowerPoint presentations at the click of a mouse. Tutorials are available online to help the more tech savvy individuals out there. Here at Virtual College, we offer a variety of services to help our clients get started with developing their own rapid courses, ranging from training sessions through to bespoke course development by our in-house experts.

  • Should I come to an expert?

    There are several software packages available that can make building simple e-learning courses fairly painless for a non-professional and this benefits everyone. However, e-learning is different from regular face to face training, and successful communication depends on the provider understanding the principles of delivering courses with engaging design and content management. To use an analogy, all drivers should know how to change a tyre, but not everyone can be a mechanic.

    Sometimes it is desirable for an organisation to have some in-house provision for producing e-learning courses in this way, so here at Virtual College we work with a number of clients in different ways. Some choose to give us course materials that are then converted into e-learning by our expert team, whereas others choose to use our training resources and develop their rapid e-learning in-house, occasionally coming back to us for guidance or specific elements when needed.

  • Virtual College's rapid e-learning development service

    We're always happy to offer training and advice to help you produce your own courses, and we offer a number of full development support services to help you create the best training for your needs. Whatever stage you are at in your e-learning journey, call us today to help you make the next steps.

    Services include:

    • Creation of courses from existing materials
    • Concept development
    • Story-boarding
    • Resource curating
    • Course development from concept to finished product
    • Professional voice over recording facilities

  • What is rapid e-learning?

    Rapid e-learning (or rapid e-learning development) generally refers to the production process of creating e-learning courses quickly and effectively without having to use overly complicated software or programming techniques. Courses built this way can be concise for the learner and fairly swiftly put together for the course provider. This can be an important factor, as information and training on specialist subjects often need to be imparted in the most efficient and up-to-date way possible.

    In short, rapid e-learning is the perfect way to keep up with training your staff in new products, policy changes, system upgrades or anything else you need to get out there fast!

    Please contact us if you require a demo of our rapid e-learning courses.