Brownlee Brothers Interview

We caught up with Alistair Brownlee and Jonathan Brownlee to talk about some of the challenges they have faced when adopting a growth mindset as part of their Olympic triathlon training.

Inspirational Organisations Nurture Inspirational People

This video introduces the subject of growth mindset and its impact on individuals and organisations. It’s a subject we feel passionately about; people development is at the heart of everything we do at Virtual College, and this video is a great way of starting out on your own growth mindset journey.

Creating the right Environment for Growth Mindset

Follow our skier on his journey to conquer the slopes. Understand why it’s important to have space to fail, make mistakes and ultimately to grow. We introduce the concept of neuroplasticity – the way your brain physically changes when you learn – and why it’s significant.

Growth Mindset Seminar

Recorded live at the Learning Technologies Exhibition 2019, Dan Nolan and Sarah Baker explore what growth mindset means, and how you genuinely implement growth mindset across a business.

Growth Mindset Webinar

In our latest webinar with the eLearning Network, we discuss practical advice and top tips for implementing a learning culture underpinned by Growth Mindset with our Learning and Development Consultants Daniel Nolan and Cameron Glennon.

Fixed Mindset v Growth Mindset - Which one are you?

The growth mindset experts at Virtual College have created a short survey to help you establish whether you have a fixed or a growth mindset.


Growth Mindset Survey Results

At the Learning Technologies Exhibition 2019 Virtual College launched an interactive growth mindset survey to see which mindset individuals in the L&D world had.Click the link below to find out what the results are.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Check out our series of animated videos below to see how you can develop a growth mindset.

Introduction to Growth Mindset

This short video is a great introduction to the power of growth mindset. Take a look to see the positive benefits of developing your own growth mindset. Watch this video here.

Don’t Fear Failure

This video explores how our fears can hold us back. Find out how shifting your mindset towards growth can help you to unlock your potential. Watch this video here.

Who Do You Admire?

Role models play a big part in inspiring us. This video looks at how we can use their experiences to supercharge our own growth mindset journey. Watch this video here.