Last updated: 05.07.16

Find out how you can improve health and safety in your workplace

Take a look at our infographic below to explore our 5 top tips for improving health and safety or click the image to download your copy.

1. Inspect your workplace

The first thing to do is to carry out a full inspection on your workplace. You should call in a registered Health and Safety Officer to help with this, as they will be better placed to identify any potential hazards or pitfalls in your workplace layout.

2. Create a plan

This is when you should create a safety plan to help control and eliminate workplace hazards. At this point, it is important to inform your employees of the steps you are taking to boost health and safety levels. 

3. Train employees

Providing your employees with training is an effective way to enhance workplace health and safety. This is particularly important in labour-intensive jobs where a person is more at risk of injury.

4. Hold regular meetings

Following the training, you should hold regular meetings with your employees. This will give them an opportunity to to voice their opinions, raising any concerns or problems they might have. 

5. Maintain records

Throughout the health and safety implementation process, you should keep hold of any records, making a note of the dates any inspections or training took place, as well as the outcomes.

5 Tips for Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace Infographic