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Last updated: 12.09.19

What are the benefits of Microsoft Office training?

Almost every office uses some form of Microsoft product to conduct daily activities, from presentations created in Powerpoint to budget sheets carefully monitored in Excel.

But while most of us use these products regularly, its often found that we’re underutilising the features packaged in the program or missing out on using certain functionality which could speed up any activities performed using Microsoft products. Here are just some of the benefits you can find by taking our Microsoft Office course package.

Improve your digital literacy

In the modern working environment, there’s an assumption that everyone is proficient with digital technologies and common programs. While Microsoft Office and Excel have been around for a long time, the newer iterations have more features to take advantage of as well as relocating several others. By undertaking a formalised course, you have a concrete digital certification to show you have full proficiency in Office skills for both current and future employers.

Find effective ways of working

One of the most common difficulties people face with Microsoft products is understanding how best to employ Excel to make full use of shortcuts and tricks which can make actions more efficient and effective. This includes understanding how to perform VLOOKUPS and create pivot tables to sort through data in order to create useable results – a major boon for any business looking to analyse stats on sales or wanting to automate admin tasks.

Become more time-efficient

Going through Microsoft training can allow you to streamline some of your tasks and responsibilities, saving you time and increase your performance on certain activities. Understanding the best ways of working when using Microsoft programs will be an asset no matter what role you’re performing, but if your duties involve visualising data then Microsoft training can provide valuable insight into how you can best employ these programs to create effective graphs which full communicate your intended results.

Taking a Microsoft Office training course can help solidify your MS office 2016 knowledge for employers and help you show adaptability as well as the drive to learn new skills. Take a look at our full Microsoft Office training course package or choose a specific area to focus on if you’re aiming on improving in a single area.

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