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Top tips to promote digital learning

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With online connectivity and hosting of resources offering businesses exciting tools with which to train their employees, there has arguably never been a better time for staff training. 

But much like teachers dealing with uncooperative pupils, managers may find that merely providing access to learning resources isn't enough - especially if you need staff to pursue this enlightenment in their spare time, it is important to create an atmosphere that encourages and rewards this learning.

With this in mind, here are a few tips on promoting digital learning among your staff:

Encourage a culture of learning - A full-hearted adoption of new methods of learning and working will often require a change of mindsets, particularly for the most stubborn of workers, and this can be transmitted to them by their colleagues, coworkers and managers if these parties are willing to highlight the benefits and advantages that these new paths can bring.

Provide support - When it comes to technology, the landscape is changing so rapidly that most of us will struggle to keep up with new developments, no matter how 'tech' savvy we may once have been. Make sure that staff have the support they need to pursue digital learning initiatives, even if they are doing so in their spare time. 

This may be something as simple as access to a laptop, or working case studies that they can use to relate what they learn to their own tasks.

Feedback is key to the learning loop - Virtual learning tools have had a massive democratising impact on education and as such, it is no longer good enough to view it as a passive, top-down process. People who are active and engaged learn the best, and a great way of ensuring such participation is with a proper feedback system in place. 

Learning should be like a loop, in which the recipients of lessons - be they virtual or not - can the contribute to formulating improvements in the system. Not only does this help to improve the efficiency of the learning programme for future participants, it is also a great way of ensuring that everyone has fully understood and absorbed the lessons at hand.

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