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Lloyds Banking Group introduce e-learning programme for working parents

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Lloyds Banking Group is launching an online learning programme to support employees who are planning to take maternity, paternity and adoption leave. The platform - which is being developed alongside executive coaching firm Talking Talent - is part of the company's latest strategy to provide training to its working parents and their bosses, Onrec reports. Due to become available to all staff at the organisation, the e-learning will include modules on how to prepare ahead of parental leave, as well as post-maternity guidance for those who are returning to work after the birth of their child. People who enrol in the course will take their learning from real life case studies and short videos, while they will also receive hints and tips on how to communicate their absence to customers and key stakeholders in the business. Lloyds Banking Group has rolled out the e-learning as part of its wider plans to support all of its employees and managers by focussing on flexible working practices and a commitment to a healthy work-life balance, so that the company can retain its best workers in the long term. Fiona Canon, director of equality and diversity at Lloyds Banking Group, stated it is important that employees are provided with the necessary help before, during and after they become parents and all changes should be managed effectively. She was quoted as saying: "These programmes are another key step towards achieving [a flexible working environment] and working with Talking Talent has allowed first-class specialist advice to be overlaid on our own best practise." Individuals who undergo the training are also due to receive instruction on how to handle work handovers smoothly, what measures need to be taken to return to work confidently and how the workplace can be contacted during their absence. In addition, an online forum is being introduced to allow parents to connect and share their experiences, while HR professionals will be trained to become specialists in advising employees on parental leave.
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