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GDPR Definitions FAQs

Do you know the key features of GDPR and what they really mean? Read our FAQs below for more information

  • Is an email address personal data under GDPR?

    An email address is an identifier that could be used to identify somebody so it counts as personal data under GDPR.

  • What are the 7 principles of GDPR?

    The 7 principles of GDPR are lawfulness, fairness and transparency; purpose limitation; data minimization; accuracy; storage limitation; integrity and confidentiality; and accountability.

  • What are the GDPR changes?

    There are many changes that have come in as part of GDPR, but amongst the key aspects include new penalties of up to 4% of annual turnover (or €20m if that is greater); an increased focus on consent; expanded rights of access for individuals and the right to be forgotten.

  • What countries are subject to GDPR?

    The UK and all countries within the EU are subject to GDPR, but it also affects any business that holds personal information about people who live in the EU and the UK.

  • What is considered PII under GDPR?

    Personally Identifiable Information under GDPR means any information that could be used to identify a person when contained within data, so could include: names; email addresses; online identifiers, etc.