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GDPR Legislation FAQs

GDPR legislation affects all of us, understand your rights and how you need to comply with our FAQs.

  • Does GDPR cover the deceased?

    No, information about somebody who is deceased is not covered by GDPR because it is not classed as personal data.

  • How long should personal data be kept GDPR?

    There are no specific limitations for how long data should be kept under GDPR, but the guidance is that it should be kept no longer than is necessary.

  • Is GDPR replacing DPA?

    GDPR didn’t replace the Data Protection Act, which was renewed in 2018 and covers areas not already covered by GDPR, including national security and immigration matters.

  • What is GDPR ICO?

    ICO is the Information Commissioner’s Office, an independent authority that upholds information rights to protect data privacy for individuals. GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, written under EU law to standardise data protection and privacy

  • What is meant by the right to be forgotten under the GDPR?

    Also known as the right for erasure, it is the right under GDPR for an individual to request that a company deletes all personal information a company has about them.