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General GDPR FAQs

GDPR came into force in May 2018, here are our top FAQs about the topic.

  • How did GDPR come about?

    GDPR was introduced to bring data protection laws in the European Union up to date with the current digital landscape, with its predecessor, the Data Protection Directive, dating back to 1995. The directive also allowed more customisation by EU member states, whereas a regulation makes data protection compliance more unified.

  • Is GDPR retroactive?

    In theory, it isn’t, but best practice according to the ICO would be to have re-confirmed all consents for holding personal data that were gained before GDPR.

  • What does GDPR compliance mean?

    GDPR compliance means managing your usage of personal data in accordance with the regulations contained within GDPR.

  • What is a GDPR compliance checklist?

    The ICO has created GDPR compliance checklists to help companies ascertain themselves whether they are compliant with GDPR.

    Learn more about the regulations with our GDPR checklist.

  • What is the GDPR 2018?

    The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 is the EU regulation introduced in 2018 to cover data protection and privacy for all of the countries and individuals within the European Union and the UK.