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Personal GDPR FAQs

Do you fully understand your rights when it comes to GDPR? Find out more with our FAQs.

  • Are all rights under GDPR absolute rights?

    Some of the rights under GDPR are absolute, like the right to stop a company’s data being used for direct marketing, but others, like the right to be forgotten, are not absolute and only apply in certain circumstances.

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  • Can I ask for my data to be deleted under GDPR?

    Although it is not an absolute right and only applies in certain circumstances, individuals can make a request to have their personal data erased under GDPR and businesses need to respond to you within a month.

    We take a look at what your rights are under GDPR in this guide.

  • Is a name personal data GDPR?

    Any information that can distinguish someone from other people is an identifier and therefore a name is certainly personal data.

  • What is PII under GDPR?

    PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information and includes names, email addresses and any other kind of information a company might hold about you that could be used to identify you.

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  • Who is responsible for GDPR compliance?

    Within companies, the responsibility for GDPR compliance lies with anyone whose role involves the use of personal data, all the way up to the highest level. A Data Protection Officer must be appointed under GDPR.

  • Is an email address personal data under GDPR?

    An email address is an identifier that could be used to identify somebody so it counts as personal data under GDPR.