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Safer Recruitment Legislation FAQs

Being aware of the legislation around safer recruitment is crucial to ensure you get it right, our FAQs are here to help.

  • Do governors need a Section 128 check?

    The Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance advises that all new school governors should be subject to section 128 checks, with anyone failing disqualified from holding office as a governor.

  • Do you need a DBS to work with adults?

    The Disclosure and Barring Service carries out DBS checks to ascertain whether a person applying to work with vulnerable adults or children has a criminal conviction or caution.

  • Do you need a Safer recruitment policy?

    Any company that recruits staff or volunteers to work with vulnerable adults, young people or children needs to have a safer recruitment policy that’s in line with the statutory guidelines.

  • What is a regulated activity for DBS?

    Regulated Activity, as defined by the Disclosure and Barring Service, is any job function that requires the staff member or volunteer to have been the subject of a DBS check. Anyone who has failed that check would be barred from performing this activity.

  • What is a UK regulated role?

    A regulated role is any role that involves activities working with children or vulnerable adults that would require the staff member or volunteer to have undertaken a DBS check before performing that role.

  • Will you be working with adults in regulated activity?

    A regulated activity can be a role that involves working with children, young people or vulnerable adults.