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Technical GDPR FAQs

Do you understand the finer details when it comes to GDPR? Find out more with our FAQs.

  • Are all rights under GDPR absolute rights?

    Some of the rights under GDPR are absolute, like the right to stop a company’s data being used for direct marketing, but others, like the right to be forgotten, are not absolute and only apply in certain circumstances.

  • Does GDPR apply to private individuals?

    Private individuals who have jobs that involve collecting sensitive personal data about clients from the EU will still need to comply with the regulations whether they are freelancers or solo practitioners like therapists or counsellors.

  • What data/information is protected by GDPR?

    GDPR protects personal information, which can include names, email addresses, location data, identification numbers, online identifiers and anything that can be used to identify a person.

  • What qualifies as personal data under GDPR?

    Under GDPR, personal data is anything that could be used to identify a person, including names, IP addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.