Online Courses FAQs

Choosing the right course or knowing which one best suits your requirements can be difficult, here we answer the most commonly asked questions about popular topics to help.

General Statutory and Mandatory FAQs

Training in health and social care is critical for patient and employee safety, discover why with our FAQs.

  • How do you explain compliance?

    Compliance is considered to be the ability to conform to any rules, regulations, policies and laws which apply to organisations within your industry. These all need to be taken into consideration when your business takes any actions to ensure you aren’t breaking anything which could result in negative repercussions, such as penalties, lawsuits, etc.

  • What is training in health and social care?

    Training in health and social care is professional training surrounding the careers fields of health, care and social workers. There are a variety of courses, both online and offline, which can include topics such as basic medical training and mental health training.

  • What training is mandatory in care homes?

    Mandatory training in care homes is training on variety of modules which are required by statutory law, required by a local or industry authority, or which all employees across the business must undertake.

  • Why is it important to train staff in health and safety?

    It is important to train staff for a variety of reasons. These can include:

    • A more efficient workforce
    • Safer working practices
    • Better reputation as a business
    • Better reputation as an employer

  • Why is mandatory training important?

    Mandatory training is important for an employer because in many instances it is a legal requirement as listed under UK law. It is also regularly carried out for health and safety reasons to minimise the risks and hazards which might be present in the workplace.

  • Why is professional development important?

    Professional development is important because it allows a person to develop their career and their abilities, opening up new opportunities in their working life. It proffers the chance to stay updated in their chosen field and to take on new skills which can prove to be helpful outside of employment.

  • Why is statutory and mandatory training important?

    Statutory training is important is because it is the law and failing to host statutory training sessions can result in legal action against a company. Mandatory training is important because it enables employees to work in a safe and healthy manner, promoting their own, and their patient’s, wellbeing and safety.

  • Why is training important for nurses?

    Training is important for nurses for many reasons since it:

    • Allows nurses to stay up to date with medical developments
    • Allows nurses to work in a safe and risk-free way
    • Teaches nurses how to deal with the stresses and pressures involved in their work practices