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Statutory and Mandatory Policies FAQs

There are many different policies to comply with when working in a healthcare or social care environment, find out more with our FAQs.

  • Can a live in carer be self employed?

    Yes – a live-in carer can be self-employed. While there isn’t a requirement for qualifications, as a self-employed live-in carer it would be beneficial to ensure you have adequate training to provide the best level of care possible. Understanding the legalities of self-employed care work is also important if you’re going to be a live-in carer.

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  • Do I need to register as self employed?

    Yes – if you’re planning on working as self-employed then you must register with HMRC so you can fulfil your obligations to pay your own income tax and National Insurance.

  • How can a company improve compliance?

    Improving compliance comes from your whole business buying into what you need to comply with, whether that is legal regulations, data privacy laws or otherwise, and how everyone’s role feeds into these.

    By having each individual staff member understand their role in larger compliance needs and the accountability related to this, employees can fulfil their obligations completely and be aware of wider compliance issues.

    Ensuring that your business is applying the industry standard for compliance in your sector gives you a solid base from which you can go further and include more rigorous standards if you want to improve your business compliance further.

  • What does mandatory training include?

    The common topics covered in mandatory training regularly include manual handling, fire safety, infection prevention, safeguarding adults and children, equality and diversity, and food safety and hygiene.

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  • What is a compliance policy?

    A compliance policy is a workplace policy which ensures that compliance risks, those being the risk that employees may not comply fully with the law in their work practices, are minismised and mitigated where possible.

  • What is a statutory act?

    A statutory act is an act of law which is created by a legislative institution. This law is written by the government and regularly codified into different subjects.

  • What is mandatory training in health and social care?

    Mandatory training in health and social care refers to training that must be undertaken if it is one of the following:

    • A statutory requirement required by law
    • Training that all staff in the organisation require
    • Training required by a local or union authority

  • What is the statutory compliances in HR?

    Statutory compliance in HR refers to the various laws which an organisation or business must follow regarding the wellbeing and safety of their employees.