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Fire Warden FAQs

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Fire Marshal and Warden Training Course

Whatever the organisation or premise, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires employers to have a fire safety strategy, which will allow all occupants to evacuated safely in the case of a fire.


Fire WardenFAQs

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Do I need a fire warden at work?

Businesses need a fire warden or marshal, the number of which must be appropriate to the size of the company.

Do you need training to be a fire warden?

All employees acting as fire wardens need to receive at least basic training.

What does a fire warden do?

A fire warden looks after all elements of fire safety in the workplace, including the emergency plan, fire drills, risk management, etc.

How do you become a fire warden?

Businesses usually ask for volunteers to be fire wardens and basic training is usually then provided at an official fire service training centre in the form of a one-day course.

How long does fire warden training last?

Once you have undertaken fire warden training, you receive a certificate that needs to be renewed with refresher training every three years.

How many trained emergency wardens should be in a workplace of 100 workers?

Generally, it is advised to have one warden for every 20 people, so in a workplace of 100 people, five wardens would be required.

How often should fire warden training be carried out?

Fire warden training needs to be carried out every three years

How often should fire warden training be refreshed?

How often should fire warden training be refreshed?

Is fire warden training mandatory?

All appointed fire wardens need to have fire warden training every three years.

What are the duties of a fire warden?

Fire wardens need to be responsible for the emergency plan at a workplace, manage risks, raise awareness of fire safety, lead fire drills and ensure all workers are accounted for after an evacuation.

What does fire warden training involve?

Fire warden training involves learning about legislation, causes of fire, how to prevent fires, how to conduct fire drills and basic extinguisher training.

What is fire warden training?

Fire warden training is the necessary training required for all fire wardens, where they learn the basics of fire safety and how to be responsible for emergency procedures.

What is the difference between a fire warden and a fire marshal?

For most businesses, there is little difference between the roles, but at more complex workplaces, both will be needed. The fire warden is responsible for searching and clearing the premises, while the fire marshal is responsible for checking that everyone (including the warden) is at the assembly point.

What is the main responsibility of a fire warden?

The main responsibility of a fire warden is to make sure that everyone gets out of the workplace in the case of a fire or emergency.

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